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Our beautiful Amy hears her sister's voice for the first time!

Publicado em 31/08/2012
Amy has already been activated and the audiologist is trying to adjust her levels. At the 2:35 mark, it's one of the most sweetest moments of our lives. Emily, her sister, using Facetime on an iPhone in Atlanta gets to talk with Amy in Fort Worth. Amy's reaction is so incredibly touching and a moment we will never forget.

Update: Amy is doing fantastic and is thrilled at the sounds of life. We plan on doing an update video soon and let her describe how she now "hears" the world.

I just turned comments back on .. keep them nice please, whether you agree or disagree.

Our family truly feels that this is divine intervention and whether you think it's science to applaud or God, we choose God. Nothing + Nothing did not cause everything to happen and we are affirmed in our beliefs that God is behind all of this.

We live in a fallen world with disease, illness, death and handicaps. True statement, but not God's intention. We caused this mess and every now and then, he places his hand out and heals those afflicted. Why not everyone? Don't know, doesn't matter, that's way bigger than us. Just know he did for her, and it has touched millions of hearts through Facebook, here and so many websites that have picked up the story. And this is what matters. That God is glorified. The End.

Amy's story was shown on the Today Show on Mar 20th, 2013!


For those who continue to post filth and negativity, may you come to terms with your heart and be healed of whatever possesses you to hide behind comments in which the world, including children, adolescent teens and innocent adults are exposed to. How embarrassing for you and those whom love you. Incredible this is how you spend your lives. Do something for humanity tomorrow and have a change of heart.

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